Tokyo to Kyoto


Approx. 17600 JPY
Travel time from Tokyo to Kyoto is approx. 2h 20min

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Bus tickets can be purchased 3 months in advance
Travel time between Tokyo and Kyoto is approx. 6-9hrs
Tickets start from 3900 JPY

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Flights from Tokyo to Osaka take approx. 1hr 5m

Airfares from Tokyo to Osaka (Prices are approximate)

Airline Lowest fare Average lowest fare
JAL 9,050 yen 10,900 yen
ANA 9,050 yen 10,900 yen
Starflyer 11,020 yen 12,200 yen
Peach 4,940 yen 7,000 yen
Jetstar 6,450 yen 8,000 yen