• Dr Motomu Hashimoto

    Department of Advanced Medicine for Rheumatic Diseases, Kyoto University.

  • Motomu Hashimoto is an associate professor in the department of rheumatology at Kyoto University. He is a founder and a director representative of one of the largest multicenter registry for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in Japan, the ANSWER (Kansai consortium for well-being of rheumatic disease patients) cohort, which includes 145,627 serial disease activity records of 11,624 RA patients collected from 6 universities and associated hospitals. He conducts clinical epidemiological researches utilizing the ANSWER cohort (1-2) and his research interest is to elucidate the real-world characteristics of molecular targeted therapies with different mode of action. He also conducts basic researches using animal models of RA and systemic lupus erythematosus (3-5). He was formerly a research fellow in Prof. Shimon Sakaguchi (known as a discoverer of regulatory T cells) laboratory at Osaka University. He was trained in clinical rheumatology with Prof. Tsuneyo Mimori and got his Ph.D. at Kyoto University.
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