• Kay Crossley

    Foundation director/La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre

  • Professor Kay Crossley is a physiotherapist, who completed her PhD in 2001, on Physiotherapy management of knee pain. Her extensive clinical expertise treating musculoskeletal pain conditions informs her clinical trials of rehabilitation (exercise, education, taping, bracing, foot orthoses) for knee pain and OA, hip pain and OA. She has a special interest in the prevention and management of ACL injuries as well. She also co-ordinates a successful dissemination program, of evidence-based education and exercise programs for hip and knee OA into the community.
    Prof Crossley is the foundation director of the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, where she fosters the research activities of many talented researchers aiming to optimise musculoskeletal health, performance and participation across the lifespan.