Social Media Kit

The 21st Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology Congress will have a large social media presence that will allow attendees to engage in a more social and mobile experience before, during and after the World Congress. This Social Media Kit is designed to inform and help you amplify discussion and chatter surrounding APLAR-ARA 2019, making social media involvement at the congress. Our team will be leveraging several key platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

By joining the conversation on our multiple social media outlets, you will be able to stay up to date on current APLAR-ARA 2019 activities so you can locate these activities in real-time and get involved. This ensures that delegates won’t miss any of the exciting events taking place during the week of the congress. In addition, we highly encourage your team to use this Social Media Kit in your social activation plans to integrate, amplify and extend your visibility during the congress.

The event will be using the hashtag #APLAR19 on all social media outlets to allow attendees and fans to follow, join and stay engaged in the conversation.

Whether you are using Twitter or Facebook by clicking on the hashtag from one of the tweets or posts, it will bring you to all of the posts using #APLAR19 on the specific social media network you are using – showing the volume of discussion, updates and all of the great conversations and events happening around you.

Download Social Media Toolkit