• 11:30am12:45pm

    Saturday 24 October

  • Virtual Morning Symposium

    Solving the patient puzzle: A pragmatic approach to SpA management

    Associate Prof. Mitsumasa Kishimoto and Associate Prof. Philip Robinson will discuss the pragmatic approach to SpA management in both peripheral and axial domains. The symposium will cover the hot topics of

    • Characteristic of Japanese patient with SpA and the contrast observed compared to other countries
    • IBD and sub-clinical intestinal inflammation associated with peripheral SpA
    • Axial involvement in PsA patients
    • Features and frequency of anterior uveitis and inflammatory bowel disease in axial spondyloarthritis
    • Effect of different treatments for axSpA on extra articular manifestations
    Session Speakers
  • Dr Philip Robinson

    Associate Professor/Brisbane Rheumatology

  • Dr Mitsumasa Kishimoto

    Associate Professor, Department of Nephrology and Rheumatology/Kyorin University School of Medicine

  • Session Sponsor
  • Abbvie