• 5:40pm6:40pm

    Saturday 24 October

  • Virtual Evening Symposium

    Management of RA in 2020: is remission achievable and where do JAKs fit?

    Prof. Burmester and Prof. Peter Nash will be discussing the evolution of rheumatoid arthritis therapies and strategies. The symposium will cover the hot topics of

    • Treat to target strategies in rheumatoid arthritis
    • Recent update to EULAR recommendations and the importance of remission
    • Efficacy and safety data of Upadacitinib from SELECT Phase3 clinical program in rheumatoid arthritis
    Session Speakers
  • Professor Gerd-Rüdiger Burmester

    Medicine Director of the department of Rheumatology

  • Associate Professor Peter Nash

    Department of Medicine/University of Queensland, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

  • Session Sponsor
  • Abbvie