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    Friday 23 October

  • Virtual Pre-Congress Workshop

    Biomechanics & Movement Workshop with BJC Health

    Check out the video on the pre-congress workshop!

    The aim is to enhance your rheumatology skills by teaching you the fundamentals of movement, posture and positioning to help patients who present with primary or secondary mechanical musculoskeletal pain.
    Yes, it’s virtual but the concepts are simple and once known and understood can be applied immediately the next time you see patients. The tips provided should also help with your own aches and pains.
    We will attempt to make the workshop as practical as possible by running most of the workshop in 3 different pods. By splitting the entire group, we hope to more easily interact with delegates.
    As rheumatologists, a large proportion of your patients present with musculoskeletal complains. Your patients with inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue diseases, regional pain syndromes & osteoarthritis typically have chronic symptoms which lead to secondary and tertiary mechanical issues. Chronicity then leads to deconditioning, negative pain behaviours and fatigue.

    This virtual practical workshop led by the team at BJC Health, Australia (https://www.bjchealth.com.au) is designed to help the rheumatologist:

    • enhance their skills in the assessment and management of common mechanical and degenerative disease
    • by providing an awareness of how movement is crucial in helping reduce the burden of chronic musculoskeletal issues.
    • with handy hints to help their patients in their very next clinic!

    Workshop Structure

    • Maximum of 48 participants.
    • Short lecture to begin with but then split into 3 pods where the facilitators will move from one virtual
      pod to the next.
    • Please dress in comfortable clothing that allows you to exercise & move easily (not suits) and be
      prepared to take part! The more you participate, the more fun the learning will be.

    Session 1 – 110 mins

    • Introduction (20 mins): facilitated by Errol Lim & Irwin Lim
      • Explain WHY we should bother with movement & HOW we go about assessing this
      • Discuss how the multidisciplinary rheumatology team fits in the patient’s rehabilitation journey and the Australian context
      • Explain the format for the day and how the rotating pods will run
      • Introduce the facilitators and their backgrounds
    • After the introduction above, delegates will get split into three groups. This will be pre-organised.
      • Group 1 – Functional Assessment in the Rheumatology setting with Errol Lim & Blanche

        • Quick guide to neck, shoulder, hip and knee functional assessment. What to look out for and why a quick assessment can tell you so much
        • How posture can immediately change how well we move
      • Group 2 – Postural education for function and pain with Belinda Prince & Heidi Kim
        • Use of smart phones for basic education
          • Look at sitting, standing posture
          • Single leg squat – trunk assessment and Trendelenberg signs
        • Taping and bracing for posture
        • Ergonomic basics for the office worker
          • More important than ever before since the COVID crisis
          • Simple tips to reduce stress and strain
      • Group 3 – The Squat and Deadlift – a must as part of any Rehabilitation Program with Sarah Comensoli & Robyn Yin
        • Why is the squat & deadlift so important for basic function?
        • Get ready to move in this session. Our exercise physiologists want to see you lift some weights and give you the basics of what we look for in patients when teaching them how to move well.
        • If you have dumbbells or kettlebells at home, this would help. If not, a sports bag filled with books or large water containers with handles could work. Even a bag of rice (preferably 10 to 15 kg).
    • In this first session, we will get through 2 rotations, leaving one more 45 minute session after afternoon tea.
      • 1st rotation – Delegates assigned to Groups 1, 2 & 3
      • 2nd rotation – Facilitators from Group 1 go to Group 2; Grp 2 to Grp 3, Grp 3 to Grp 1

    Afternoon Tea – 15 mins

    Session 2 – 55 mins

    • Last round of the pods – Facilitators from Group 2 go to Group 3; Grp 3 to Grp 1, Grp 1 to Grp 2 (45 mins)
    • Wrap-up and Summary: a call-to-action & post-symposium survey (10 mins)

    Why is this training with BJC Health?
    BJC Health is a Sydney-based rheumatology group with multiple rheumatologists working with multiple allied health professionals including physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. The clinic setup involves a close working relationship between these health professionals with appropriate assessment and gym space to facilitate biomechanical assessment & improvement.

    Dr Irwin Lim, Rheumatologist (https://www.bjchealth.com.au/dr-irwin-lim-brookvale-parramatta-rheumatologist)
    Mr Errol Lim, Physiotherapist & Managing Director ( https://www.bjchealth.com.au/errol-lim-parramatta-chatswood-brookvale-physiotherapist)
    Dr Herman Lau, Rheumatologist ( https://www.bjchealth.com.au/dr-herman-lau-chatswood-parramatta-rheumatologist)
    Miss Sarah Comensoli, Exercise Physiologist & Manager of Allied Health services (https://www.bjchealth.com.au/sarah-comensoli-parramatta-chatswood-exercise-physiology)
    Miss Robyn Yin, Head Exercise Physiologist (https://www.bjchealth.com.au/robyn-yin-parramatta-exercise-physiologist)
    Mrs Belinda Prince, Physiotherapist (https://www.bjchealth.com.au/belinda-prince-chatswood-physiotherapist)
    Miss Heidi Kim, Physiotherapist (https://www.bjchealth.com.au/heidi-kim-chatswood-physiotherapist)
    Miss Blanche Leung, Physiotherapist (https://www.bjchealth.com.au/blancheleung-physiotherapist )

    Session Speakers
  • Errol Lim

    Managing Director of BJC Health

  • Dr Irwin Lim

    Consultant Rheumatologist

  • Sarah Comensoli

    Exercise Physiologist & Manager of Allied Health services

  • Dr Herman Lau


  • Robyn Yin

    Head Exercise Physiologist

  • Belinda Price


  • Blanche Leung


  • Heidi Kim


  • Session Sponsor
  • Janssen, a division of Johnson & Johnson