Industry Symposium: The spondyloarthritides – new data, more options, evolved thinking – what’s in it for the patient?

Sponsored by:

Stephen Hall, Australia

Philip Robinson, Australia
Mitsumasa Kishimoto, Japan

The field of spondyloarthritides is a dynamic landscape with improved understanding of disease pathologies, and an evolution in the way these conditions are managed.

Patients are also becoming more knowledgeable about their conditions with higher expectations of regaining a level of normality to their lives. The dilemma of balancing the patients’ expectations and treatment option is a difficult proposition faced by rheumatologists in their everyday practice.

Led by a panel of international experts, this scientific symposium will focus on the clinical management of axial spondyloarthritis and psoriatic arthritis, discussing the latest scientific data and recommendations developed to assist rheumatologists in optimising the best treatment of their patients.

In an interactive, thought provoking scientific symposium, our presenters aim to address some of the following key questions and challenges faced by clinicians in managing patients living with axSpA and PsA.

Key questions will include:

  • Are there different treatment considerations based on where the patients’ disease lies on the axSpA continuum?
  • What role does the inhibition of inflammation play in disease control and long-term reduction of structural damage?
  • What is the differential diagnosis of PsA in daily practice?
  • What clinical considerations should be taken into account for the management of patients with axSpA, PsA, and extra-articular manifestations?
  • Are there different considerations and requirements when treating a female vs a male patient with axSpA and PsA?