Industry Symposium: Rheum for Improvement? The increasing role of RWE in decision making

Sponsored by Janssen

Date: Tuesday 9 April 2019
Time: 1030-1145
Location: Room P3, P4, & P5, BCEC

Paul Bird, Australia

Paul Bird, Australia
Deborah Marshall, Canada
Annette Hicks, Australia


Evidence generated by randomised controlled trials (RCTs) is considered to be of the highest rigour. For this reason, RCTs are crucial to attain registration and regulatory approval. Nevertheless, there are inherent limitations to the data. In practice, RCTs provide clinicians a good idea of a drug’s efficacy and safety in a homogeneous population under ideal conditions, but these do not reflect the complicated patient profiles clinicians deal with in the real world.
Real world evidence (RWE) can bridge the gap between the controlled environment of an RCT and the realities of day-to-day clinical practice. Both RWE and RCTs have complementary roles and are essential to confirm the validity and role of treatments in treatment paradigms. Stakeholders, including clinicians, policy makers and payors are increasingly incorporating RWE to guide their decisions.
This symposium will examine the increasing role of RWE in evidence-based medicine. Drawing from real-world registries in rheumatology, our faculty will also demonstrate how RWE enriches clinical trial data and is impacting the way patients are managed.

With RWE increasingly driving clinical decision and policy making, caution needs to be exercised in data interpretation. RWE is not without its limitations, including uncontrolled and/or undetectable confounders, lack of randomisation of subjects, and potentially inconsistent quality of data, when compared with RCTs. There is a need for robust methods to analyse and interpret RWE.

Looking to the future, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being applied in healthcare. Within the context of RWE data analysis, researchers are beginning to harness AI capabilities. This symposium will provide a sneak peek of how the intersection of AI, big data and healthcare will impact the future of healthcare. More importantly, participants will explore how this could impact on their own practice.


Tuesday 9 April 2019
Time Topic Speaker
1030-1035 Welcome and introductions Paul Bird
1035-1050 What is the role of RWE in evidence-based medicine? Deborah Marshall
1050-1105 What is the current value of RWE in daily clinical practice? Paul Bird
1105-1120 Artificial intelligence: The future analysis and impact of RWE on clinical practice Annette Hicks
1120-1145 Q&A and Interactive panel discussion Moderated by:
Paul Bird
1145 Thank you and close Paul Bird