Industry Symposium: Breaking New Ground in Rheumatology: We Haven’t Come This Far, to Only Come This Far

Sponsored by

Dr Jeremy Sokolove, United States
Professor John Isaacs, United Kingdom
Professor Ranjeny Thomas, Australia

Professor Ranjeny Thomas, Australia

Over the past thirty years Rheumatology has undergone a paradigm shift in the approach to treatment and management of rheumatologic conditions. Basic scientific and clinical discoveries have informed our understanding of the pathologic and molecular mechanisms that contribute to these diseases. This, together with the application of rapid advances in technologies, has enabled the development of targeted therapeutic agents and management strategies that have transformed patient care. However, even now in the 21st Century, we still have much to learn and significant unmet patient needs remain to be addressed in the field of rheumatology.
In an interactive and engaging symposium, our distinguished speakers, will take you through:

  • the challenges and pitfalls of target identification, drug development & translational science to address the unmet needs in rheumatology
  • where are we now and what does the future hold in utilising genomics and biomarkers to inform personalised medicine in Rheumatology
  • Australia’s contribution to the advances in rheumatology


Professor Ranjeny Thomas


Tuesday 9 April 2019
Time Topic Speaker
1730 – 1735 Welcome & Introduction Professor Ranjeny Thomas
1735 – 1750 Challenges of drug discovery & translational science Dr Jeremy Sokolove
1750 – 1810 Genomics, biomarkers and personalised medicine in rheumatology Professor John Isaacs
1810 – 1820 The Australian contribution to the future of rheumatology Professor Ranjeny Thomas
1820 – 1830 Panel Q&A All
1830 Close