General Information

There are no health regulations or health requirements for entering Japan.

At the time of writing this document passport holders of approximately 60 countries do not require a visa to enter Japan. Click here for more visa information.

Japan, and especially Kyoto are noted for being very safe. Subways, stations and bus terminals are clean and well lit. Even young children commute to school alone. Women generally feel comfortable travelling alone in the city at any hour of the day

Expenses incurred by travelers in Kyoto are on average considerably cheaper than that of other large cities. In fact, travelers are invariably very satisfied that with the low prices that Kyoto offers. There is a wide selection of accommodations and dining to meet any budget. Furthermore tipping is not practiced in Japan – stores and restaurants are proud to provide all their customers with wonderful service and hospitality.

Japan has a temperate northern hemisphere climate and weather patterns are regular year to year. Late summer is a truly glorious time of year and hot daytimes give way to refreshing evenings that are a pleasure for strolling and exploring the city for restaurants and entertainment.

September is an excellent time to travel in Kyoto. The average temperature in Kyoto in September is 24 degrees Celsius with a high of 28 and low of 20 degrees Celsius.