Destination Japan

Glistening metropolises of neon lights, tropical beaches to the south, breathtaking snow-capped mountains to the north, with countless adventures and experiences to undertake in between; there are endless ways to discover Japan.

Things to do and see in Japan


Tokyo’s most visited temple enshrines a golden image of Kannon (the Buddhist goddess of mercy), which, according to legend, was miraculously pulled out of the nearby Sumida-gawa by two fishermen in AD 628.

Mt Fuji

Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and the 7th highest peak of an island in the world is a well-known symbol of Japan.


Himeji-jō is Japan’s most magnificent castle, built in 1580 by general Toyotomi Hideyoshi and one of only a few original castles from that era (most are modern concrete reconstructions).

Tokyo National Museum

If you visit only one museum in Tokyo, make it the Tokyo National Museum. Here you’ll find the world’s largest collection of Japanese art, including ancient pottery, Buddhist sculptures, samurai swords, colourful ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), gorgeous kimonos and much, much more.


Considered by many to be Tokyo’s most elegant garden, Rikugi-en was originally completed in 1702, at the behest of a feudal lord. It is definitely the most highbrow, designed to evoke scenes from classical literature and mythology.


Pilgrimage routes, ancient temples, cherry blossoms and deer in Japan’s first permanent capital. Nara Park is home to the famously tame deer wandering freely, and adjacent Todaiji Temple houses the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue.