Childcare food and beverage menu

The following daily menu is included in the childcare service cost.
Please note if the below menus are unsuitable for your child then it is the parent/guardians responsibility to bring an alternative option. 

Sunday 7 April
Morning snack: wholemeal carrot and apple muffin with seasonal fruit platter
Lunch: pasta bolognaise with garlic bread
Afternoon snack: zucchini, apple and banana loaf, rice crackers, cheese cubes

Monday 8 April
Morning snack: blueberry pikelets, seasonal fruit platter, rice crackers
Lunch: vegetable frittata, wholemeal Lebanese bread salad leaves
Afternoon snack: whole meal triangle sandwiches with cream cheese

Tuesday 9 April
Morning snack: vegetable platter ( carrot, celery, cucumber, capsicum, low fat tzatziki) rice crackers
Lunch: mushroom and vegetable fried brown rice
Afternoon snack: pumpkin scones, wholemeal crackers, cheese cubes, sultana

Wednesday 10 April
Morning snack: fruit yoghurt, fruit salad, water crackers
Lunch: salmon, corn and mushroom frittata, salad leaves, wholemeal Lebanese bread
Afternoon snack: rice crackers, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, hummus, carrot cake

Thursday 11 April
Morning snack: cheese cubes, sultanas, wholegrain rice cracker, seasonal fruit
Lunch: beef lasagne
Afternoon snack: pikelets with ricotta spread and strawberry low-fat yoghurt

Lunch each day will also include a wholemeal sandwich triangle with cream cheese, carrot and tomato

Daily beverage: light white milk or water